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Most of the dynamic behavior you’ll see on a web page is thanks to JavaScript, which augments a browser’s default controls and behaviors. The following JavaScript section javascript web development contains a wide collection of JavaScript examples. The examples are categorized based on the topics, including objects, functions, arrays, DOM, and many more.

javascript web development examples

The website is built using Modernizr to ensure compatibility, and jQuery for interactions. The site scans and indexes events from Wikipedia, grabs the article, and pulls in a Google image and YouTube video. If you’ve ever lost hours exploring Wikipedia articles, set aside plenty of time for this one. The son of a historian, Stauber created Histography as a student at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, under the guidance of Ronel Mor. “If we think about ways people visualise history, timelines are probably the most common one, and yet they haven’t changed a lot since the days of the printed paper,” he says.

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  • In Maps user just requires to click and drag the mouse; the details are visible just by a click.
  • The data layer is automatic if the website is using WordPress (with minor tweaks depending on a plug-in).
  • Vanilla JavaScript, also known as “plain” JavaScript — meaning without any frameworks — is one of the foundations of coding and web development.
  • The libraries enable users to add images and interactive elements like bullet lists and syntax highlighting to sliding decks without having any programming experience.
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By only requesting the data that’s needed, applications can avoid parsing and storing unnecessary fields, which uses resources more efficiently. JavaScript is also commonly used for building web appswithout web contexts. Rather than sending messages via servers, JavaScript interacts with web browsers directly, which enables developers to build fast web apps. Take a look at our rundown of JavaScript’s most famous apps.

Popular Examples

I need a central to try out code and test new ideas out. PlayCode is simple to use, elegant, and seems to have covered all the main frameworks and libraries. Save time & effort with live view results, ready-to-use templates. You can keep JavaScript code in a separate file and then include it wherever it’s needed, or you can define functionality inside HTML document itself. Let’s see both the cases one by one with suitable examples. JavaScript servers make it easy for developers to handle concurrency and identify errors that may otherwise be difficult to spot in multithreaded processes.

The Easiest and Hardest Programming Languages to Learn – hackernoon.com

The Easiest and Hardest Programming Languages to Learn.

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It introduces meaningful tags for common elements such as navigations and footers which makes much more sense and are more natural. This is a run through of the basics of HTML5 and CSS3 while still paying attention to older browsers. Before we start, make note of the answer to this question. Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser? According to the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, JavaScript has spent nine years in a row as the most commonly used programming language, with 69% of developers using it extensively. If you’re interested in becoming a web developer , JavaScript is one of the best programming languages you can learn.


According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, JavaScript is the #1 programming language. A lot of frameworks and libraries are there for javascript. These frameworks and libraries can be easily learned if your javascript fundamentals are clear. A lot of concepts are confusing and overwhelming for developers but a good knowledge of these concepts will help you in the long run. Frameworks and libraries come and go but the fundamentals always remain the same. It’s easy to build any kind of application and learn any framework and libraries if the fundamentals are clear.

I find it fascinating to blend thoughts and research and shape them into something beautiful through my writing. You can check out the beginner JavaScript projects above for some good projects. You can also search the web for more simple project ideas.

JavaScript Objects

They are easier to use, so we can easily make something amazing in a short time. JavaScript can also be used to create browser games and has been the basis for many basic online games over the years. Browser APIs are built into web browsers and can do complex things with the data from the browser and surrounding computer environment.

javascript web development examples

Going back to the Chrome DevTools can unlock what can be tracked if a data layer variable needs to be put in GTM. Another case where JavaScript knowledge will rescue a digital marketer is implementing tracking in Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager and JavaScript are connected in many ways. Finally used Ionic to build an app, and wow- this is so much fun. Building with Vue, and it deploys on Web, iOS, and Android?

Example#2: JS Forms Example:

Learn more about using random, functions, and event listeners. Getting familiar with JavaScript basics means using those JavaScript skills to build JavaScript practice projects. Mobile applications are built to be stand-alone apps void of any web-based context. Hence, online presentations can be accessed by those with mobile devices like phones and tablets.

javascript web development examples

Building cross-platform apps has always been amazing with Ionic but Vue being Vue, it’s of course super smooth and straightforward. Generate native builds, push live app updates, publish to the app stores, and automate the whole process with Ionic Appflow. Deploy your https://globalcloudteam.com/ Ionic apps directly to iOS and Android app stores using the Capacitor bridge and cross-platform plugin APIs. Access full native device functionality with JavaScript. Choose from a library of native device plugins for Camera, Maps, Geolocation, Bluetooth, and more.

Coding for Web Design 101: How HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Work

The steep learning curve is a barrier to entry and everything is done in Node.JS because this can’t be done on a web browser. More difficulty arises since web pages are arranged differently. Julius Fedorovicius of AnalyticsMania said that Google Tag Manager is not meant to replace web developers. The takeaway here is not being blindly reliant on them. The data layer is automatic if the website is using WordPress (with minor tweaks depending on a plug-in).